Express Yourself. Ordinary stories of extraordinary women in the MODIVO campaign

Express Yourself. Ordinary stories of extraordinary women in the MODIVO campaign

MODIVO presents its latest campaign, which focuses on the lives of women whose strength and determination inspire extraordinary actions. Four heroines from four different countries, each with a unique history and perspective on the world, are at the heart of a series of documentaries. Their personal experiences, attitudes, activities, and challenges they face inspire us and motivate us to take on new endeavors and step out of our comfort zones. MODIVO allows these women to express themselves through clothing, which is also a significant part of the campaign. The clothes accompany the heroines throughout their day, enabling them to step into the right role. Outfits, adapted to local trends and usingwide range of options, blend seamlessly with the stories of these exceptional individuals. 

MODIVO documentary series 

The concept of the MODIVO documentary film series is spearheaded by Aleksandra Szol, the Director of Marketing & E-commerce at MODIVO. This campaign showcases heroines who fulfill their dreams and ambitions, reflecting the aspirations and values upheld by representatives of their respective countries. The choice of these individuals was made to enable the audience to identify with these people and find themselves in the stories created by the brand. The authenticity of the entire campaign is enhanced by the fact that the video was recorded using traditional 16 mm film. 

The narrative documentary format allows for a closer look at the profiles of strong women who can balance various life roles while emphasizing the important role that fashion, in which MODIVO excels, plays in achieving their goals. The campaign features women from Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Romania. They are entrepreneurs, activists, and feminists. They inspire, motivate, and invite others into their (extra)ordinary world. 


Strength is a woman 

The heroines of the campaign from Poland are Kasia and Zosia Pilitowska, mother and daughter, entrepreneurs, activists, and authors of culinary books. Their breakfast bar "Ranny ptaszek" is one of the favorite places of Kraków residents, who appreciate the energy, positive attitude, and kindness of its owners. Zosia acknowledges that her enthusiasm for the world and people, as well as her warmth, she learned from her mother. Kasia juggles numerous life roles – passion for cooking, volunteer work, and social activism. Apart from managing the family restaurant, Zosia has become involved in creating a running group and inspires women with her original videos on Instagram. The heroines agree that their greatest inspiration comes from people. Kasia is convinced that we can learn a lot by observing the lives and behavior of animals – how selfless and empathetic they are, and how they can help one another. Support is a crucial value in MODIVO's new campaign, and Kasia and Zosia embrace the idea that mindfulness and care, from which support is born, are of utmost importance.  


Respect for diversity is paramount 

Iva Gumnishka, an entrepreneur, feminist, and innovator who appeared on the prestigious Forbes "30 Under 30" list in Bulgaria, was also invited to join the campaign. She is the founder and CEO of Humans in the Loop, a company that provides training and validation services for machine learning models, with a focus on gathering data needed for bias-free AI. Iva combines multiple roles in both her professional and personal life, which, as she says, forms a cohesive whole that she represents. The most crucial value for the heroine of our campaign is the respect for diversity: "If I could change something in the world I would eliminate the progressive erasure of cultural diversity and alternative ways of imagining life and the world around us." Iva also adds that, in her opinion, self-love is the most important, as it is the foundation for "loving others and letting them to love us." The entrepreneur believes that if she could change her life decisions and choose a different path, "the new paths would lead her exactly to the same place she is now."  


Find your voice 

Among the heroines, we also have Klara Pokorna, a coach, yoga instructor, traveler, and fashion enthusiast. She runs the YogaGangFam group, where she inspires girls to be the best version of themselves and reach for the stars. "Being a guide for others is just as important to me as listening to myself, paying attention to my own well-being, and doing what I love." Klara Pokorna seeks strength within herself. She appreciates herself for being able to navigate through every challenging situation. "My determination is like a superhero's shield," she adds. She can rely on herself and pursue her dreams. It's essential to support each other, listen to our inner voice, and realize that each of us plays a significant role in the lives of others, and this always works both ways. 


"I don't feel beautiful. I feel strong." 

Alina Dumitriu is an author, public speaker, and activist. For many years, she has been actively working on behalf of disadvantaged individuals. Her entire professional life has been dedicated to working in non-governmental organizations. She also organizes events to support marginalized communities. 


Express yourself wherever you are 

Human beings are a timeless inspiration for MODIVO. The brand's mission is to encourage people to express themselves through fashion and to create their reality according to their own rules. That's why the multi-brand invited heroines to the campaign who exude feminine strength, authenticity, and unwavering determination. The campaign carries a universal message based on emotions and reaches the consciousness of the residents of various parts of Europe. MODIVO once again proves that fashion is an essential element of life that enables the achievement of goals. 


More inspiration can be found on, in the MODIVO app, and in physical stores. 

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