Our approach

Our approach

As part of the CCC Group, we follow the adopted ethical standards and values in our organisation. We care about the welfare of the individual and respect their rights, but we also take initiatives for the protection of the environment and the surroundings in which we live. In our relations with employees and stakeholders, we ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations while taking into account cultural considerations.

Modivo SA

The ethical values of the MODIVO Group are based on the following key pillars: customer and product focus, dynamism, enthusiasm and commitment, openness and cooperation, responsibility and personal development.

The CCC Group’s responsibility is reflected in areas that are important to stakeholders. In order to build dialogue with the Group’s partner institutions and jointly develop sustainability roadmaps in the best possible way, the CCC Group conducts periodic dialogue sessions with the representatives of its key external stakeholders and asks for the opinion of its employees in surveys. Based on the identified postulates, the CCC Group identifies areas of responsibility within the scope of which it then acts and commits to developing good practices.


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Misconduct reporting


The following channels can be used to report misconduct: